SetID and Business Units – Quick and Easy

Most popular explanation available about SetID is that it is something used for table set sharing. Indeed it is. But what is this table set sharing?

In simple words it is a means to share information. When it comes to PeopleSoft, information is stored in tables and this term specifically refers to sharing of a set of rows in a control table between a few business units (it is the usual case).

Control table or set up table is one in which the data is changed very rare and is often used as prompt record for transaction table fields. For e.g. In HCM, PS_JOBCODE_TBL is a control table which is used as prompt for JOBCODE field in the transaction table PS_JOB.
So, when you click on JOB.JOBCODE field in Job Data page, the prompt values come from the JOBCODE table (prompt record set in record field properties). These set of values may vary or appear common for different business units. How?

The trick starts in the ‘Set Control Field’ property of the transaction record/ or the record field. (Value set at record field is given priority). Usually it is set as ‘BusinessUnit’. This make the component processor to look for the ‘Business Unit’ field in the page and consider that field value as ‘Set Control Value’. Then it will try to find the SetID value assigned for that control/ prompt record.

The connection between Set Control Value and SetID for a particular control record is made via the use of record groups. A record can be included in one and exactly one record group using – People Tools, Utilities, Administration, Record Groups page. And it is possible to specify a SetID for each Set Control Value, for each record group using – People Tools, Utilities, Administration, SetControl Values page.

Suppose the business unit in the page is USA01 and the prompt record JOBCODE_TBL belongs to the record group RG_01 and the SetID specified for that record group is US100. Then the prompt will show all the rows from JOBCODE_TBL for which the SETID key value is US100.

Again suppose the business unit is IND01 and the SetID specified for it in the record group RG_01 (record group is always same for a particular record) is SHARE. Then the prompt will show all the rows with SETID key value SHARE. If for another business unit GBR01 if the SetID is the same SHARE, then for that too prompt will show the same set of rows as shown for IND01 business unit. This is how the
tableset (a set of rows) is shared.

It is not necessary to have business unit as set control field. In fact it can be any field. It just mean that the set control value to find the set id will be the value of set control field in the page. Even then the confusion between SetID and business unit occurs is due to the fact that when a new business unit is created a set id is also created with the same name. i.e when USA01 is created a setid USA01 is also gets created in the system. Whether to use this setid or not is the organization’s choice but is often used, and thus usually the business unit and set id happen to have same value. This can be seen most commonly in HCM.

Nutshell : Where to configure?

SETID_TBL – Base table of SetiD

People Tools, Utilities, Administrator, Tableset IDs

REC_GROUP_TBL – Base table of record groups
REC_GROUP_REC – Maps records to record groups

People Tools, Utilities, Administrator, Record Group

SET_CNTRL_TBL –  Base table of Set Control Values. Maps set control value to setid,
SET_CNTRL_GROUP – Map set control value setid for  each group

People Tools, Utilities, Administrator, Tableset Control

SET_CNTRL_REC – Map set control value to setid for each record in a group – to improve

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