Best RAM for i9 12900K 2023

The i9-12900K is the newest Intel CPU to join the market. It has an incredible 12 cores and 24 threads, with speeds over 5 GHz. This processor uses the second generation of Coffee Lake chips, so it is very fast – but also very hot. This processor comes with a huge heatsink that can run at 90C without problems (at 100% load), but even if you only use 50% of its power you will need to dissipate more than 20W through this heatsink. This is why this processor needs very good cooling and the Best RAM for i9 12900K you can get. The purpose of this guide is to make a list and review of the Best Overall Ram available right now, with some basic information about what you should look at when choosing memory, and why it’s important. This guide will cover RAM that is compatible with the latest Coffee Lake processors but also post second-generation chips. The system requirements of the 12900K are really high, so you will need to invest in high-quality memory.

To give you an idea of ​​the Best RAM for 12900K, the worst memory is DDR4 2133MHz. This is because this frequency was used by Intel’s sixth-generation processors (Intel Skylake). With these old CPUs, it made sense to use lower frequencies since they did not consume much power and the performance gains were moderate. The i9-12900k processor can be clocked at frequencies above 5 GHz, so it will not use DDR4 2133MHz memory. Most consumers of this i9-12900K processor will want to maximize performance (overclock it) and get the most out of their components. This means that you should focus on the highest frequency possible. The standard is DDR4 3200 MHz, but if you can afford it go for DDR4 3600 or even 4000 MHz – because they offer twice or four times more bandwidth than traditional memory.

However, there are some limits when you overclock your system with high-frequency RAM sticks. Every motherboard has a physical limit on how much it can handle in terms of memory frequency. If your motherboard cannot manage to maintain stability at this new frequency then it might end in a freeze or in an instant reboot. This is why you should invest in memory sorted by overclocking potential. The best DDR4 3600 MHz and 4000MHz will not offer the same overclock capabilities as the worst DDR4 3000Mhz, so get this into account when choosing your RAM because it can save you time, money, and frustration.

Quick Buying Tips!

When choosing your memory, you will need to consider the following factors:

Clock Frequency: This is simple – you want the frequencies at their maximums. However, this information can be difficult to find because manufacturers of large online shops do not usually provide these values. This means that you will have to look into reviews and testing sessions of hardware journalists in order to get a more precise idea about what frequency your memory can reach before being unstable.

Type of memory module: Currently, there are four types of RAM sticks with different technologies. They are called DDR4, DDR3L, DDR3, and DDR2. It is important to know which type of memory your motherboard uses because some CPUs or motherboards can only use certain types. For instance, the Intel 1151 (and Coffee Lake) support DDR4 and DDR3L – but not DDR3 or DDR2. There’s more information on the subject here if you’re interested.

Capacity: 32GB of RAM is currently considered optimal for gamers who are serious about having a smooth experience when playing games in ultra settings (like PUBG). Hardcore enthusiasts might opt for 64GB of RAM. This comes with a price premium, so keep it in mind when investing in high-frequency memory modules.

Type of memory chip: This is also important to check if you are planning to use your memory overclocked. Some modules only have a certain number of pins, so it can be tough finding compatible modules – check this list for more information.

Type of chipset JEDEC or XMP profiles: The first one will require some manual configuration before installation or inside the BIOS, but you might not want to do it by yourself. There are too many steps involved and chances are you will mess up at least one – so choose the second alternative if possible.

Lastly, it’s important to consider that all of these parameters increase exponentially with each generation of processors and chipsets – which means that there is no single best DDR4 3200Mhz RAM stick, even if it might be the case right now. You will need to invest time in research and you should expect to follow up on misinformation online before getting the best high-frequency memory modules for your system.

The Best RAM for i9 12900K You Can Buy Today

Adata XPG Lancer DDR5-5200

Adata XPG Lancer DDR5-5200

Best Flagship RAM for i9 12900K


 Supports all top gaming versions in 2021

 DDR5 Bandwidth speeds for i9 12900K processors

 Lifetime Warranty by Adata

 Operates at 2800MHz with 32GB per module

 Boosts your system’s performance by 400%



 Requires more power

 Not suitable for smaller systems (14 or fewer cores)

The Adata XPG Lancer DDR5-5200 is a high performance, low latency memory module that offers the perfect solution for gamers. Whether you are playing games on your PC or console, this card will give you all of the power and speed needed to take home victory every time. With ultra-high speeds up to 5200MHz combined with massive capacities up to 16GB per module, it’s no wonder these modules have been widely acclaimed by industry experts as being one of the best available in 2021. With XMP 2.0 support, the Adata XPG Lancer DDR5-5200 is able to easily run with Intel i9 12900K processors for seamless compatibility and stable operation. With cutting edge technology, fantastic reliability features, and ultra high performance, you can’t go wrong with choosing this superb memory module as your new system’s foundation. An exclusive built-in heatspreader ensures that your memory module will Its an excellent replacement for your computer’s existing RAM modules.

In addition to bolstering the performance of your system, this module from Adata is one of the most aesthetically pleasing on the market today. It also comes with a lifetime warranty so you know it’s going to be a reliable part of any build or upgrade project you have in mind. The Adata XPG Lancer DDR5-5200 will help boost your system’s speed and power by up to 400% so you can play games more fluidly and experience all that technology has to offer. It supports Intel i9 12900K processors with 8 cores & 16 threads clocking at 3.6GHz – 5GHz with Turbo Boost 2.0 Cache at 12MB, Hyper Threading, and an Integrated Memory Controller. This allows you to enjoy all the benefits of DDR5 technology while also enjoying full backward compatibility with previous DDR4 modules.

As one of the best RAM for i9 12900K CPUs in 2021 , it has a native speed at 2800MHz with capacity at 32GB per module. It offers high bandwidth speeds for system components so your computer can operate faster. Using this memory module will give your system’s performance a huge boost without needing any work on your part.


The Adata XPG Lancer DDR5-5200 is an excellent choice for anyone looking to upgrade their RAM. It works seamlessly with the i9 12900K processors to give you all of the power and speed needed when playing games or using technology in general. With a lifetime warranty, durable design, and flexible compatibility features, this memory module is a fantastic option.

Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB DDR5-5200

Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB DDR5-5200

Best Fast RAM for i9 12900K


 Voltage requirement is higher than normal

 Overclocks well when paired with i9 12900K

 Compatible with most Intel CPUs (including i9)

 Easy installation and use


Single color RGB lighting

 RAM may require a large CPU heatsink for overclockers

The Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB DDR5-5200 is a great RAM for gamers and PC enthusiasts. It has the capacity to support up to 64GB of data, runs at 5400mhz with a latency speed of 16-16-16 timing, supports XMP 2.0 profiles, and features an aluminum heat spreader. However, it can support a maximum of 64GB of RAM, and the higher speeds it runs at may require for specific motherboards to be compatible with the memory. It has a large capacity of 64 GB and can be expanded to more for added convenience. With a Cas Latency of 16-16-16 this is perfect for gamers, as it minimizes the voltage fluctuations on the CPU. ​The ram supports XMP 2.0 profiles which makes it more useful to those who use their computers more frequently and need a high performance PC.

This RAM will make gaming even better with its striking RGB lights that create unique patterns in accordance with what you are doing or how your system is performing, making this an aesthetically pleasing addition to any computer setup. This DDR5 memory also overclocks very well when paired with an Intel i9 processor like the 12900K which means that even if you don’t plan to overclock your processor, the memory will still be blazing fast. Additionally, there is a limited lifetime warranty on this RAM which means that if something does happen to your memory you can rest assured knowing it will be covered.

This RAM is compatible with the i9 12900K, so there should be no compatibility issues. This DDR5 memory is great for overclockers, gamers, and PC enthusiasts alike due to its impressive specifications. This DDR3 can also operate at lower voltages when compared to similar models in the same price range so you know you are not sacrificing quality when purchasing this RAM. It works with most Intel CPUs including i9 processors like the i9 12900K. However, it does have a higher voltage requirement than normal which means that if there isn’t enough power in your PSU then they may result in instability issues. The RGB lights are a nice aesthetic feature, however the RGB lighting is limited to single color and can’t be set to change or flash at a particular tempo. This is not a major concern for most people however, as it’s primarily an aesthetic addition.


The Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB DDR5-5200 is a great option if you’re looking for an aesthetically pleasing addition that will suit all of your needs. The 64GB capacity ensures that there will be no issues when running multiple applications at once or playing large games with lots of content. It has a voltage requirement that is slightly higher than other models in the same price range which means that if you’re using a power supply that doesn’t have enough capacity then your memory may end up being unstable or not work at all. However, this DDR5 RAM generally runs great and works very well with the i9 12900K.



Best Enthusiast RAM for i9 12900K


Affordable price

 Easy to install

 LED indicator

 Can be switched between DDR4 and DDR5


 Not compatible with all motherboards

We know that you’re looking for a memory solution that will deliver the best in performance and reliability, so we’ve listed TEAMGROUP Elite DDR5-4800 to be just what you need. If your system is compatible with this new generation of RAM, you’re in for a treat. The RAM is tested to ensure stability and performance, so you know it will work like clockwork when you get it home. The benefits of this product are increased performance, reliability, and durability. It works with all brands popular motherboards consistent with Intel XMP 2.0 standard. You can also adjust the settings by hand if your motherboard does not support this feature. This memory module doesn’t need any special configuration or BIOS setting up; just plug it into available slots on your socket and go .

It comes at an affordable price that will fit anyone’s budget. Just make sure that your AM4 or LGA 1151 motherboard supports DDR5 4133MHz before purchasing this. If DDR5 RAM is not supported, you won’t be able to utilize its full potential. You can give it a try, though, as the switch on the back panel allows switching DRAM frequency between DDR4 and DDR5 so your system can process memory data with higher speed than before. As a bonus, this memory module is equipped with a LED light bar on the top of the RAM. It looks pretty in purple and is very convenient in case you want to check if your RAM is in operation at night. The LED indicator will tell you when it’s functioning properly or when it needs attention.

RAM has long been considered the most important part of your gaming system. If you’re serious about gaming or other demanding computer tasks, you should know that it makes a big difference in performance whether you use low-quality RAM or high-performance RAM like TEAMGROUP Elite DDR5-4800. It’s not very expensive, so make sure to give it a try.


The TEAMGROUP Elite DDR5-4800 is an excellent RAM for gamers looking to reduce the time they spend waiting on their computer. Its low latency and high bandwidth capabilities are perfect for gamers who need reliable hardware that can keep up with all of today’s latest games. Plus, it has a stylish black PCB design that will look great in any build. The LED indicator it features makes it easy to keep an eye on its performance, which is always a benefit of RAM. This product carries a 3-year limited warranty for peace of mind when buying.

Crucial DDR5-4800

Crucial DDR5-4800

Best DDR5 4800 RAM for i9 12900K


 High-quality build

 Low latencies and high speeds for maximum performance

 Highly compatible with a wide range of motherboards

 Implemented with premium components

 Stable and reliable DDR5 memory


 High price tag

 Not a lot of choice when it comes to RAMs with similar performance

The Crucial DDR5-4800 is one of the most reliable memory modules on the market since its release in 2018. It is a high-end product for 1866MHz or faster speeds at CL15 timings or better. The DDR5-4800 has been tested to run at extreme speeds, from 2933MHz to 5000MHz, for numerous hours without errors or crashes. You can rest assured that this memory will operate as intended and will not hinder the performance of your valuable components. If you are looking to improve your workflow with a reliable memory, the Crucial DDR5-4800 is a great choice. However it is considered as the Best DDR5 4800 RAM for i9 12900K, offers 16GB of high-performance memory designed specifically for gaming PCs with Intel 9th/8th Generation Core processors.

It’s guaranteed to provide faster speeds, low latency and increased energy efficiency thanks to support for DDR4 XMP 2.0 profiles that enhance system performance while remaining compatible with motherboards based on Intel 200/100 series chipsets. It is compatible with all major memory brands, has a one-piece design for better heat dissipation and is backed by a limited lifetime warranty. The Crucial DDR5-4800 will give i9 12900K the boost that it needs to remain ahead of the competition, allowing you to enjoy flawless multitasking without skipping a beat.  It is highly recommended for those building powerful gaming PC’s and want this simple yet extremely effective RAM for best gaming experience.

It’s not cheap but it is extremely fast and will easily handle any task you throw at it. 8GB RAMs are the perfect amount for all your applications, especially 15-20 apps running in background while playing games. It’s a great choice if you are looking for high performance DDR5 RAM to make i9 12900K perform better.


The Crucial DDR5-4800 has tons of amazing features that makes DDR5-4800 one of the best DDR5 memory modules on the market.  All your games will run faster than before, barely hanging or lagging even when playing with maximum settings.  It’s perfect for those who want to build a powerful gaming PC with i9 12900K

OLOy Blade RGB DDR5-4800

OLOy Blade RGB DDR5-4800

Best High End RAM for i9 12900K


 Standard Profile – Low Height Heat Spreader

 Supports XMP 2.0(Extreme Memory Profile) ready

 Dramatically reduces latency by up to 30%

 Ideal for gamers and enthusiasts gaming or overclocking


 A little bit expensive

 Setups for overclocking may be difficult

OlOy Blade RGB DDR5-4800 is a high performance memory module that has everything you need to upgrade your PC for next generation gaming. Olooy has developed this product with the latest technology available to ensure that it will be compatible with future generations of CPU’s, Motherboards and GPUs. This lightning fast memory uses cutting edge technology to provide gamers faster than ever before response times in intense games. It can also help reduce latency by up to 30%, improve overall game playability, and allow you the ability to turn on additional visual effects without sacrificing speed or performance. This product uses the latest heatspreader design allowing for enhanced thermal dissipation, which can help reduce CPU temperatures by up to 15 degrees Celsius.

Olooy has designed this product to be compatible with every major manufacturer’s motherboard currently available on the market. DDR5 RAM memory is an upgrade that will improve your entire gaming experience and allow you to play with the best. Most RAM heat spreaders only cover the top side of the memory module. The Olooy Blade spreads heat more efficiently by enveloping each stick with an even layer to maximize cooling effectiveness. This design is compatible with every major motherboard currently on the market, helping you enjoy your new upgrade without any compatibility issues.

The superior quality of Olooy Blade RGB DDR5-4800 ensures that every component is 100% tested after production to comply with the highest standards. This allows gamers to enjoy a smooth and reliable experience from their system, which translates into faster response times and a better overall gaming experience. The built in LED’s will show you your memory activity status without any extra software or complicated setup required.


If you’re looking for RAM that has everything you need to upgrade your PC and experience faster than ever response times in intense games, then the Olooy Blade RGB DDR5-4800 is exactly what you need. This high performance memory uses cutting edge technology to provide gamers faster than ever before response times in intense games. It can also help reduce latency by up to 30%, improve overall game playability, and allow you the ability to turn on additional visual effects without sacrificing speed or performance. Olooy has designed this product to be compatible with every major manufacturer’s motherboard currently available on the market.

Corsair Vengeance DDR5-5200

Corsair Vengeance DDR5-5200

Best DDR5 5200 RAM for i9 12900K


Great heat dissipation

 XMP Ready for easy overclocking

 Solid black casing for better heat dissipation


 Expensive compared to other RAMs offering the same performance

 High price tag

With the release of Corsair Vengeance DDR5-5200, it is now possible to have a high speed RAM at an affordable price. With this new technology, more power can be drawn from one DIMM slot than ever before. It also has better heat dissipation and stability for overclocking or just running demanding applications that require a lot of CPU usage. This change will allow for faster system boot times as well as smoother gaming performance. The only downside with this new technology is the cost per gigabyte ratio is higher than predecessors but with its increased performance, it may not matter much in the end. This is a 128gb DDR5 RAM which is a massive amount of memory that will allow for many application or gaming windows to be open at the same time without any lag. The new DDR5-5200 runs at 2400 megahertz with latencies of 16 so it can accommodate modern CPUs better than ever before.

The Vengeance modules comes in two different color options; red and black. The heat spreaders are made out of aluminum making them look stylish but also adding to the weight of the RAM modules which is not extremely light compared to others on the market. This RAM can be purchased in 2x4Gb or 4x8Gb for different system configurations that require more memory. This powerful DDR5 RAM is also XMP ready so it can be configured to meet the lowest possible latency setting for maximum performance.

Corsair has not only increased raw performance with this new Vengeance series but they have also made them extremely easy to install into any memory slot available. The bottom of the heatsink sits just below the top of two DIMM slots giving it plenty of room to dissipate heat thus increasing stability and allowing more overclocking headroom than many other brands can offer. In conclusion, Corsair Vengeance DDR3-2600 is a power packed solution that will be sure to outperform most others in its class at a very reasonable price point that will fit into most consumers budgets.


Corsair Vengeance DDR5-5200 is the best RAM you can buy for i9 12900K.  If you are looking to upgrade your system with high performance, low latency and dependable hardware, the Vengeance RAM will prove its worth in any situation.  This product can be purchased at reasonable prices on most online stores. I highly recommend it if you are looking for a solid investment that will not fail to impress you with its superior performance.

GeILGeIL Polaris RGB Sync DDR5-5200 Polaris RGB Sync DDR5-5200

GeIL Polaris RGB Sync DDR5-5200

Best Mid Range RAM for i9 12900K


 Stands out in the crowd

 Smooths performance for gaming and other tasks

 DDR5 2,000Mhz potential (with compatible motherboards)

 Attractive RGB lighting system

 Easy to install



GeIL’s newest series of memory modules is the Polaris RGB Sync DDR5-5200. These modules are compatible with both ASUS and Gigabyte motherboards that support Aura Sync technology . The modules themselves feature a black PCB and aluminum heat spreaders to help dissipate heat, allowing greater overclocking potential. They also have an LED lit logo on top which can be controlled through Aura software. The GeIL Polaris RGB Sync DDR5-5200 comes in 16GB (2x8GB) kits at speeds of either 2133Mhz or 2400Mhz depending on your motherboard capabilities. The frequency of the modules can be boosted up to DDR5 2,000Mhz if your motherboard is capable. This memory is currently available for about $100 and can be found in most stores.

When it comes to gaming, the more your computer has at its disposal, the smoother and faster it will run. Games push hardware to its limit, requiring a lot of precious resources such as RAM (random access memory). 8GB of system RAM is still enough for many AAA titles today but as time goes on we’re seeing games require more and more of this expensive resource. With that said, if you want to ensure that your processor isn’t bogged down by unnecessary tasks you should consider getting an adequate amount of ram. As an example, let’s say that you’re running a game in which the minimum requirements are 4GB of ram. If your system only has 8GB then even if Windows is using 2 or 3 GB the rest will be left unused by applications and when gaming kicks in, it’ll significantly reduce performance. This can happen when running memory intensive applications such as Photoshop too.

When it comes to performance DDR4 memory is currently the best option. Older generation DDR3 can be found much cheaper but it’s not worth purchasing at this time due to its lower bandwidth and additional latency. That being said, newer generation Intel CPUs are only compatible with the DDR4 format. The good news is that current motherboards allow users to easily upgrade their ram so you won’t have to worry about buying a new one if yours doesn’t support DDR4.


The GeIL Polaris RGB Sync DDR5-5200 is an excellent choice for gamers looking to get the most out of their computer. Not only can it handle any game you throw at it, but its unique design will stand out in your rig and turn heads on your next LAN party or gaming tournament. If you want to take advantage of this powerful memory’s features, don’t wait!

G.Skill Ripjaws S5 DDR5-5200

G.Skill Ripjaws S5 DDR5-5200

Best Overall RAM for i9 12900K


 Exceptional speeds and latency

 Attractive red and black design with light gray stripes

 Specialized heat spreaders help to prevent overheating

 Can be easily configured to work with most motherboards


Does not overclock particularly well

G.Skill’s Ripjaws S5 DDR5-5200 is a great option for your next gaming PC as it provides excellent speeds and latency times to ensure that you have the best possible experience when playing games or doing any other activity on your computer. This model of ram comes in two different colors, red and black which allows you to customize your build beyond just its performance capabilities. It has been tested by GIGABYTE and shown to run at 5200MHz with CL16 16-18-18 timings so you know that this memory will provide results even if they are not overclocked higher.

In addition, this RAM kit has been designed from the ground up with quality in mind ensuring durability over time. The sleek black heat spreaders are not only attractive but also feature light gray stripes down the sides which help to create interest in your build. If you are concerned about compatibility with this particular model of ram, it has built-in XMP 2.0 functionality that allows for easy configuration settings with most motherboards. Overall, if you want a reliable memory kit that will last you for years to come then the G.Skill Ripjaws S5 DDR5-5200 is an excellent option that can be used in any number of setups or configurations.

In general, G.Skill Ripjaws S5 DDR5-5200 is the Best Overall RAM for i9 12900K. It has a very simple and attractive design that will appeal to people who want their build to stand out from the crowd. While it does not overclock particularly well it performs exceptionally in games or other real time activities as you would expect from any memory kit of this speed and capacity. In addition, its specialized heat spreaders help ensure that you have less trouble with overheating your RAM which can be a problem on some builds especially if you are running them at higher frequencies or speeds. When combined with an i9 12900K , you know that you’ll have top performance and results no matter what application or game you are using it for.


G.Skill Ripjaws S5 DDR5-5200 is a very well designed and attractive RAM that will work exceptionally well for your i9 12900K setup no matter what the application or game you are using it for. While it does not overclock particularly well there should be little to no issues in games or any other real time activity, especially if you are looking for an affordable solution to build your dream PC.


The best RAM for the i9 12900K is going to depend on your budget and what you need out of a memory upgrade. If you have a lot of money to spend, then there are plenty of high-quality options with generous amounts of storage space that will work well in your system. But if you want something more affordable but still good quality, we recommend one or two sticks with 8GBs each (or 16GB total) at speeds up to 3200MHz or 3600MHz. If you’re wondering how much faster or more stable your computer will be with the best RAM for i9 12900K, it’s difficult to say exactly. If you’re buying for maximum performance than any of our picks would likely work well because the only limiting factor is your motherboard and CPU (and not really their limits). You might see up to a 5% or so improvement in benchmark scores, but this would depend on what types of tasks you do most often. But if you want increased stability than choosing an option that can maintain top speeds over long periods of time is important.

In our opinion, Adata XPG Lancer DDR5-5200 (2 x 8GB) is the best memory for Intel Core i9-12900K. This memory comes with heat spreaders that have an attractive red design and a unique design on top of each stick that gives it a modern look. The LED lights only show when they’re in use, so it’s not just a pointless gimmick at all). It looks great and performs even better – reaching speeds up to 5200MHz when overclocked! And because it’s based on high quality components, this RAM also has low voltage requirements which can help prevent system crashes from happening in the first place. This product doesn’t come with extra bells and whistles but if you want something fast and doesn’t cost too much, then your wallet will appreciate this one. More importantly, this memory comes with high-quality aluminum heat spreaders that are specifically designed to help cool the sticks even under heavy loads. It uses standard height (30mm) so it can work in most systems without having access issues or compatibility problems. And because it’s based on the JEDEC Open standard, this is guaranteed to work seamlessly with all your system’s other components – giving you everything you want and none of what you don’t need.

Frequently Asked Questions

What RAM do I need for i9 12900K?

In order to determine which RAM you need for your i9 12900K, you should consider what type of application or programs you will be using. If you are going to use a lot of memory intensive applications such as video editing software and 3D rendering, then DDR4 2400MHz would be a good choice. However if most of your work is office-related like word processing and spreadsheet management, then DDR3 1600Mhz may suffice.

What is the Best RAM for i9 12900K?

The Intel Core i9-12900K is a powerhouse of processing power, but you need the best RAM to make it work. If you are looking for performance and reliability in your computer system, then Kingston Technology HyperX Predator DDR4 Memory modules will be perfect. These high-performance memory sticks can handle anything that comes their way with ease!

Which Gskill RAM is best for i9 12900K?

While looking to buy a new Gskill RAM for your i9 12900K, the best one on the market right now is their Trident Z RGB 16GB DDR4-3200. The company has been working hard at keeping up with technology and this particular model offers some of the fastest speeds available in a single stick today. It also comes with cool features like customizable lighting that can be controlled from within Windows or through an included software suite. This gives it a level of customization not found in other models currently on the market.

How much RAM can i9 12th Gen support?

The new i9 12th Gen has a max RAM of 64GB, meaning you can pack in a lot more power for processing and multitasking. Memory is measured in Mb or MB. In order to support 64GB of RAM, you need a 260-Pin SDRAM DIMM. This has been the standard for most memory modules going back 25 years and provides enough power for all your needs.

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